Marmara Law Association

The basic principles of Marmara Law Association are togetherness, dignity and development.

Marmara University Faculty of Law is one of the leading Law Schools in our country and the world. Our Faculty comes forward with its students, alumnis and academics and it is distinguished with this feature.

With the longest-standing backround,’Marmara Law Club’ that founded in 2007, is the basis of Marmara Law Association with its ideas and activities. Inasmuch as the founders of the Association are the same people with the Board Member that took up a position in 2013 for ‘Marmara Law Club’.

Foundation phase of Marmara Law Association is completed in 2014,December. The vision of the Association is defined as; to consolidate the reputation of members and the legal entitiy of Faculty with supporting togetherness and development of members. Association has started to accept members in 2015, January.

The first activities of Association were to establish a computer class at Soma (Manisa, Turkey), in Namık Kemal Primary School where has been damaged by a big mining accident and to perform a symposium about Legal Dimension of Mining Accidents.

First international project of MLA was YouthIstanbul’18. It was held last year in April which you can find more information in related tab. (YIP’18 Memories)

Also MLA has organized a Summit in November’18. Within the scope of this Summit, four national and international student organizations have gathered in Marmara University Faculty of Law and discussed about how student organizations can be developed and how to build strong networks between each other with some other cultural and social events for 3 days.

Marmara Law Association has been working on the based of ideal law education and the world’s agenda ever since its foundation.