How To Apply

The candidates of Participants should send an e-mail to with belowmentioned information:

1.Full Name*
5.Contact Information [Phone Number – Social Media Accounts(If it exist)]*
7.Department of Study
8.Graduation Date
9.Allergies/Food Preference(Vegan-Vegetarian etc.)
10.Emergency Contact
11.Travel Insurance Information
12.Have you visited Istanbul before?
13.What do you know about Istanbul? (Only with 3 words)
14.Can you stay with pets? (For host arrangement)
15.How did you learn about us?
16.Describe yourself*
17.Why should we choose you?*
18.What are your expectations?*
19.A picture of yourself*
*We really care about those!! 🙂
Guest Affairs Team 
Bilal Alperen Öztürk
Hüray Ayaz
For your all the questions, never hesitate to contact us anytime!!!
DEADLINE : 09.03.2018