Law and Society Workshop

This workshop is the academic part of Youth Istanbul Project.  With the Participant’s active participation, Youth Istanbul Organization Team will organize a workshop which is in the direction of our academic aim.

We, as Youth Istanbul Project, have the aim of creating a YIP culture through uniting with participants from all over the world, by finding solutions on global social issues with a young and universal perspective meanwhile acquainting our culture, country, Istanbul, and learning about the cultures of the others.
In this year’s project with the workshops we are going to be focus on the  state of the minorities in the society. We aim to:
*Improve freedom of speech, and by this way enlighten the lives and problems of minorities such as LGBT society, refugees, children in juvenile detention centers, etc.
*Discuss the effect of social media on protecting minority rights

In addition, a panel  on minority rights will be organized with the contribution of expert lecturers.  This panel will have a section named “human library”. In this section every participant will have an opportunity to communicate one by one with these minority groups. Also, there will be a circuit workshop about the rights of minorities, minority issues in their own countries and participants will try to make solutions. In consequence of this, they are going to perform comparative presentations. After presentations, our team and participants will create a resolution draft together and publish on mass media as an open source.