Host Opportunities

•Hosts of the Participants will be chosen from the students of Marmara University Faculty of Law

•Hosts of the Participants will be cheerful and friendly people that will be able to communicate with the Participants easily.

•Hosts of the Participants will have enough knowledge of Istanbul and the nearist locations to the house very well.

•Hosts of the Participants always will be in touch with you for and case of emergency.

•Hosts of the Participants will be responsible to take Participants to where they need to go or to explain how the Participants can go there in the necessary situtations.

•Hosts of the Participants shall provide a clean and comfortable room with the access of free Wifi for the Participants.

•The Participants will have access to the kitchen of their host’s home if they wish to make their own breakfast.

– – We are sure that you will be amazed with our hospitableness☺- –