Our Team

Özgü Horozal – President of YIP’18

Age:  22
Why I am a Part of YIP:  Meeting foreigners from all over the world is my favourite thing to do. I want to have more friends from all around the world and get to know them as well as their culture.
Fun Fact:  I do not eat any kind of fruits at all.
Guilty Pleasure:  I love shiny stuff; jackets, nail polishers, shoes, anything shiny!

What to Talk with Me:  Movies, theatre, travel, fashion

Instagram : ozguhorozal

Yiğit Kemal Ceyhan – Vice President of YIP’18

Age:  20

Why I am a Part of YIP:  I like that kind of multicultural and youth organizations. Because that organizations always give you another new perspective about life. And also if you share your experiences , knowledge etc. with as much person you can, your mind will be more widely open. This is why I’m here and you should be here too!

Fun Fact :  I remember every single pointless moment in my life but I can’t never remember my Facebook password.

Guilty pleasure:   I judge every human being in the world.

What to talk with me: Politics , Ciné Français, lecture and whatever you want..

Instagram : yigitceyhan

Bilal Alperen Öztürk – Guest Affairs

Age:  22
Why I am a Part of YIP:  I love being multicultural and present my culture. This is the best opportunity to do it!
Fun Fact:  I produce my own beer at home.
Guilty Pleasure:  Making perfect plans but never abide to them.
What to Talk with Me:  All kind of sports(Mostly Football), Politics, Law, Backpacker Life(How to travel with less money)


Betül Kocabaş – International Relations

Age: 22

Why I am a part of YIP: Its always nice to have new friends and be part of a project like this.

Fun fact:  I am one of those people who think Friends is better than HIMYM

Guilty pleasure:  I talk too much, seriously, too much.

What to talk with me:  Well, since I talk too much we can talk about anything you want.

Instagram : e.btlkcbs

Hüray Ayaz – Guest Affairs

Age: 22

Why I am a part of YIP:  Spending my time with international students is always so exciting for me. I’m sure we have so much fun and work together!

Fun fact: I realized that I can spell words upside down like “lubnatsi”  from “Istanbul ” quickly.

Guilty pleasure:  Eating crisps more then 3 packets at a sitting.

What to talk with me: Jean Jackets , E! Entertainment Gossips , Harry Potter

Instagram : hurayaz

Bilal Bekiroğlu – Sponsorships

Age: 21

Why I am a part of YIP :  Since the moment I know myself, I like to meet people and organize something useful for them. This project reminded me that there are something international I can do, too!

Fun Fact: It’s been a long time since I wear sneakers!

Guilty pleasure: Political Laughter!

What to talk with me: Everything!

Instagram : mbilalbekiroglu

Merve Toy – Law&Economics Workshop

Age: 20

Why I am a part of YIP:  I like to meet new and different people and I want to see a nice memory after this project when I look back!

Fun fact: I cry when I see cockroache!

Guilty pleasure:  I follow Yellow Press quite a lot!

What to talk with me: Fashion and Literature.

Instagram : mervetoyyyy

Göknur Mutluer – Social Media

Age: 20

Why I am a part of YIP: I think participating a international project  will develop my academic life in my studies period. And also I want to meet people from other countries.                                                         

Fun fact: I start to laugh when I get angry!

Guilty pleasure:  We always start a diet with my friends but I secretly eat.

What to talk with me: TURKISH101!!!!!!!

Instagram : goknurmutluerr

Nihan Erdem – Cultural Events

Age: 20

Why I am a part of YIP: I love to organize and participate different kind of events and I think It’s gonna be awesome!!!!!                       

Fun fact: I can dance anywhere, anytime!

Guilty pleasure:  Bothering  friends when they study!

What to talk with me: You can talk with me everything about you because I talk  a lot about myself and I really enjoy it!

Instagram : nihaanerdeeem

Büşra Genç – Cultural Events

Age: 20

Why I am a part of YIP: I am a part of YIP because I am interested in things which will contribute my education and social relations.          

Fun fact: I have never get angry in my life and I don’t know what I can be angry with and how I will react.

Guilty pleasure:  I can watch horror movies every day for a week.

What to talk with me: About movies, coffee, music, GOT.

Instagram : missgenc


Eylül Canbaz – International Relations

Age: 20

Why I am a part of YIP: Because I love meeting people from different cultures and I love working with people from different backgrounds. I belive that everyone has something to teach and something to learn.  

Fun fact: I have never seen any horror movie before.

Guilty pleasure:  I always talk to myself, literally ‘always’.

What to talk with me: Italian Culture, Human Rights, Volunteering, Intercultural Communication.

Instagram : eylulcanbaz

Necati Berk Koç – Law&Economics Workshop

Age: 19

Why I am a part of YIP: Because I am very social and Happy. I love youth projects.

Fun fact: I have a great map memory to find a direction.

Guilty Pleasure: I love to do farming.

What to talk with me: You can talk with me about money!

Instagram : necatiberkkoc

Ümit Ekiz –  Sponsorships

Age: 21

Why I am a part of YIP: I would like to meet friends.

Fun fact: When I play PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) I like to play.

Guilty Pleasure:  I criticize people who has flaw.

What to talk with me: Football, Basketball, Kickboxing, Fitness

Instagram : umit.ekizz