Our Team

The Board

Murathan  Öztürk- The President of YIP’20 

Age : 21
Who I am : Former Vice-President of YIP’19, I am from Trabzon and I am the one you can trust on everything.
Fun Fact : In Trabzon we have a type of fish called Hamsi. It is really famous, so people call all the things  I do as Hamsi does. Like Hamsi runs, Hamsi walks etc.
Guilty Pleasure : I am too tidy at home so that is why I am living alone.
Interests : Politics and Football.
Instagram : murathan_ozturk
Facebook : Murathan Öztürk

Özge Sıla Söğütlü- The President of YIP’20

Age: 2O
Who I am: Used to be a little girl with dreams of being a concert violinist but now, just an ordinary college student who tries to figure out what’s going in her life every single moment. 
Fun Fact:
Even though it’s my mother langue,  I sometimes forget how to speak Turkish. (not joking, I just can’t do it ! )
Guilty Pleasure:
I can rap to ‘My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas”, falling asleep while watching stupid YouTube vlogs. 
Interests :
Music (just show me your Spotify playlists and I’ll never shut up), Politics, Astrology, Environmental Rights, Animal Rights, Cinema, World Cuisine, Running
Facebook: Özge Sıla Söğütlü

Yiğit Kemal Ceyhan – Responsible Board Member of MLA International

Age :  22
Who I am  :Former Vice-President of YIP’18 and also former President of YIP’19. A human being who is trying to be a human being in a better world.
Fun Fact : I remember every single moment in my life but I can never remember my Facebook passwords.
Guilty Pleasure : Becoming a party animal in parties without any purpose.
Interests : Politics, Human Rights, Law, International Relationships, Ciné Français, Lecture, Movies, Student Organizations & Movements.
Instagram : yigitceyhan
Facebook: Yiğit Kemal Ceyhan

Özgü Horozal – Honorary President of YIP’20

Age :  24
Who I am : Former president of YIP’18 and a lawyer with hopes to be an actress one day.
Fun Fact : I do not eat any kind of fruits AT ALL.
Guilty Pleasure : I love shiny stuff; jackets, nail polishers, shoes, anything shiny!
Interests : Movies, Theatre, Travel, Fashion, Yellow Press.
Instagram : ozguhorozal
Facebook : Özgü Horozal

The Committees

Işınsu Coşkun -Guest Affairs       

Age: 20
Who I Am:A person who loves people and being around them but also has strong boundaries and lots of things to do. I try to survive in this chaotic life of my own.
Fun Fact:I drink too much water. So if I’m not around just check the restrooms.
Guilty Pleasure:When I am with my friends on the way to/from somewhere, I sometimes wish to be alone. It’s not because I don’t like them, I absolutely ADORE them but I just LOVE listening to music while I am walking.
Interests : Music, cooking, long meaningless walks, documentaries, swimming, dogs, languages, making new friends
Instagram: isinsuucoskun
Facebook:  Işınsu Coşkun

Sezin Çakmakoğlu- Guest Affairs

Age: 20
Who I Am: A girl who is just trying to help her artistic soul to survive in faculty of law since 2017.
Fun fact: I have an obsession with 5 and it’s multiplies. If something is 49 instead of 50, just…don’t show me.
Guilty pleasure: Traveling in the dark side of YouTube.
Interests: Music, cinema, human rights, animal welfare, politics
Instagram: sezincakmakoglu
Facebook: Sezin Çakmakoğlu

Ahmet Refik Güven- Guest Affairs

Who am I : I was one of the hosts in YIP’19.I said to myself “what a great project”.And I m here to make new friends from different countries.
Fun fact: I don’t wanna eat anything without watch any movies or series when I m at home
Guilty Pleasure: I never fit in bed cause I m tall(or beds are too small)
Interests: Travelling,running,listening to music


Ahmet Pınar- Guest Affairs 

Who I am: A person who laughs all the time.
Fun fact: I don’t like clowns. If I see them, you can see me running.
Guilty Pleasure: I watch Harry Potter series 3 times or maybe more every year. I can’t stop myself.
Interests: Fashion, volleyball, dance, cooking, TV series and travelling


Ayşenur Tosun – International Relations

Age: 20
Who I am : I am the stunt actor of Missandei and student at the free times.
Fun Fact: My nickname is Orhan. It’s a man character from mafia series called Kurtlar Vadisi.
Guilty Pleasure: I am proud of being a Leo woman.
Interest: Everything about food (trying new cuisines, cooking…), watching documentaries -even if it’s boring- and dancing.
Instagram : aysenur0.0
Facebook : Aysenur Tosun 

Dilşah Molu- International Relations 

Who I Am : A girl who has found herself in Marmara University Faculty of Law unexpectedly. Her dream was never close to this place but this situation never made her feel bad about it. So here I am in Istanbul expecting to make my life precious with unforgettable memories.
Fun fact: I can’t walk on the road. It doesn’t matter how straight it is. I always twist my ankle.
Guilty pleasure: I love buying new clothes especially t-shirts. When I was living with my family, buying t-shirts were forbidden to me.
Interests: Piano, music, sports, TV shows, films…
Instagram: dilsahmolu

Büşra Genç – Sponsorships

Age :
Who I am :  I have been studying at Law School of Marmara University for 3 years.
Fun Fact : I can squint my left eye wherever I want.
Guilty Pleasure : I was watching autopsy videos in my High School years.
Interests :  Movies, series, music, vintage stuff and everything about cafes.
Instagram : missgenc
Facebook : Büşra Genç


Enes Hotalak – Sponsorships

Age : 21
Who I am :  I’m a 3rd grade student in college. I can’t live without music. A guy you can be friend with.
Fun Fact : I’ve been wearing glasses since I’m 8 years old and I’m a Ferrari fan since 2006.
Guilty Pleasure : I like to smell bad scents. They make me feel like I’m using my nose in real.
Interest : Music (Especially Heavy Metal), Movies, TV series, Formula 1 and all motorsports, Slavic Lifestyle and Drinks 

Instagram : hotalaaak
Facebook : Enes Hotalak 

Berktuğ Çevik- Sponsorships

Who I am : I’m from Isparta, the city of roses. (Not Sparta). I am a lazy law school student and full of humour.
Fun Fact : I’m very afraid of birds. Actually, I fear all animals with wings.
Guilty Pleasure : I play video games so much that sometimes people think I’m dead.
Interests: Drawing, games, movies.
Instagram : berktugcevikk


Nazır Demirdoğan- Sponsorship 

Who I am:I am the one who found himself in Marmara University Faculty of Law accidentally  and continually ruining the fresh years of his adulthood.
Fun Fact: I have never been in a hot air balloon even though I am from Cappadocia.
Guilty Pleasure : So far, I have never made my bed.
Interests : Fitness, swimming, social relations, folk music
Instagram : nazirdemirdogen
Facebook : Nazır DEMİRDÖĞEN

Nihan Erdem – Social Events

Age :  22
Who I am :  I’m a 22 years old person who is like Pollyanna and in love with dancing. It’s my 3rd year in Marmara University Faculty of Law. Since I’m taurus, I can help you with everything because I love being around people.
Fun Fact :I can dance anywhere, anytime. And I love guessing people’s  zodiac signs from their personalities.
Guilty Pleasure : Bothering friends when they’re studying.
Interests :  Taking photos, painting, reading about psychology, cooking
Instagram : nihaanerdeeem
Facebook : Sena Nihan Erdem

Zeynep Durur- Social Events

Age: 21
Who I am: A twenty-one year old person who is energetic, talkative and loves to see new places!
Guilty Pleasure: I talk a lot with people that I love so they can’t shut me up 🙁
Fun Fact: I check all the closets and the doors if they closed, before going to bed at night. Because I feel like Casper is watching me! (Especially when I’m at home alone)
Interests: Volleyball, travel, law, books, books and books!


Bahar Aslan-Social Events 
Who I am: A typical Aries woman who is in her first year of faculty of law and the Youth Istanbul Project, whose aim is to be the best version of herself not only in her academic career but also in every aspect of life.
Guilty Pleasure: I haven’t seen any of Harry Potter movies.
Fun fact : I’m very organized, tidy and obsessed person just like my soulmate in the TV series friends, Monica.
Interests:Taking photographs , travelling, reading and searching, exploring new cultures and learning new languages
Instagram: baharrraslan

Alara Şengül – Case Work

Age :
Who I am : 
I’m from Izmir. I study law at Marmara University. I was a barmaid before I became a team member of YIP’18. My zodiac sign is mermaid.
Fun Fact : I invented a word “lolişko” and lolişko has a lot of meanings. like fancy, attractive, sassy, flirty and also childish at the same time. So everybody calls me lolişko for everything I do.
Guilty Pleasure : Turkish rap
Interests : dancing traveling cooking
Instagram : alaraseng
Facebook : Alara Şengül

Arda Tekin-Case Work

Age: 21
Who I am: I study law at Marmara University, and it’s my first time in YIP.
Guilty Pleasure: I love mixing up different sorts of food while eating and I don’t mind how bad it looks.
Fun Fact: I feel uncomfortable if I’m away from the sea.
Interests: Sailing, scuba diving, camping, motorcycles, nature documentaries.


Merve Toy – Host Committee

Age :  22
Who I am : I am a 3rd grade law student and I live in Istanbul.
Fun Fact : I am afraid of cockroaches and I cry when I see one of them.
Guilty Pleasure : I follow yellow press every day.
Interests : Literature and Fashion.
Instagram : mervetoyyyy
Facebook : Merve Toy

Sude Şaka – Host Committee

Age : 
Who I am : I am from Kayseri but I live in İstanbul. I am a member of host committee. My star zodiac sign is gemini.
Fun Fact : I think I’m Hercules because I can carry my own suitcase. And I love Arabic bellydance music.
Guilty Pleasure : I love Duygu Özaslan yes I confess.
Interests : Astrology, Kardashian family, magazine , fashion, music, boys
Instagram : sudesaka
Facebook : Sude Şaka

Emre Yılmaz- Host Committee

Age : 22
Who I am :
A guy from Antalya, but lives in İstanbul even though wants to live in somewhere quiet in the nature. Also a student at Marmara University and got one sibling.
Fun Fact : I am not afraid of cats and dogs, but their fluff makes me feel weird.
Guilty Pleasure :
I love eating deserts.
Interests :
American Rap, Electronic Music and DJing.
Instagram : emrem.yilmaz
Facebook : Emre Yılmaz 


Kübra Turgut

Age: 23
Who I Am: My last year at Marmara University. I come from Bolu so I can cook nicely if I want to. I also like to  spend time with my friends.
Fun Fact: I can’t do two things at the same time but I can make my eyebrows dance  separately
Guilty Pleasure: Making the perfect outfit raises my mood.
Interests: Electro music, fashion, art, snowboarding, french cinema


Ayşe Tuzsuzoğlu 

Age : 22
Who I am : I am a student at Marmara University in Faculty of Law. It is my second year in faculty, but first year in the project.
Fun Fact : While I was smoking in the balcony; I burned my friend’s shoes.
Guilty Pleasure :  I like shopping.
Interests: Movies, Yoga, Books.
Instagram : atuzsuz2