Our Team

The Board 

Yiğit Kemal Ceyhan – President of YIP’19

Age :  21
Who I am  :Former Vice-President of YIP’18. A human being who is trying to be a human being in a better world.
Fun Fact : I remember every single moment in my life but I can never remember my Facebook passwords.
Guilty Pleasure : Becoming a party animal in parties without any purpose.
Interests : Politics, Human Rights, Law, International Relationships, Ciné Français, Lecture, Movies, Student Organizations & Movements.
Instagram : yigitceyhan
Facebook: Yiğit Kemal Ceyhan

Özgü Horozal – Honorary President of YIP’19

Age :  23
Who I am : Former president of YIP’18 and a lawyer with hopes to be an actress one day.
Fun Fact : I do not eat any kind of fruits AT ALL.
Guilty Pleasure : I love shiny stuff; jackets, nail polishers, shoes, anything shiny!
Interests : Movies, Theatre, Travel, Fashion, Yellow Press.
Instagram : ozguhorozal
Facebook : Özgü Horozal

Murathan  Öztürk – Vice President of YIP’19

Age : 20
Who I am : I am from Trabzon and I am the one you can trust on everything.
Fun Fact : In Trabzon we have a type of fish called Hamsi. It is really famous, so people call all the things  I do as Hamsi does. Like Hamsi runs, Hamsi walks etc.
Guilty Pleasure : I am too tidy at home so that is why I am living alone.
Interests : Politics and Football.
Instagram : murathan_ozturk
Facebook : Murathan Öztürk

The Committees

Bilal Alperen Öztürk – Guest Affairs 

Age : 23
Who I am : A guy who wants to own   and run his hostel but is a young lawyer instead.
Fun Fact : I produce my own beer at home, and you are also going to taste it.
Guilty Pleasure : Making perfect plans but never abide to them.
Interests : Travel, Sports.

Hüray Ayaz – Guest Affairs

Age :
Who I am : A girl who judges people very fast but is a nice person deep inside. (No offense)
Fun fact : I realized that I can spell words upside down like “lubnatsi”  from “Istanbul ” quickly.
Guilty pleasure : Eating crisps more then 3 packets at a sitting.
Interests : Jean Jackets , E! Entertainment Gossips , Harry Potter
Instagram : hurayaz
Facebook : Huray Ayaz

Işınsu Coşkun -Guest Affairs       

Age: 19
Who I Am:A girl whose dream was to live in İstanbul. So here I am trying to survive in Law School of Marmara University and I can’t wait to meet different people and get to know their cultures.
Fun Fact:I drink too much water. So if I’m not around just check the restrooms.
Guilty Pleasure:I watched Friends & HIMYM 5 times and I still love to watch some episodes that I randomly choose.
Interest: Series, Documentaries, Swimming, Dogs, Music, Food
Instagram: isinsuucoskun
Facebook:  Işınsu Coşkun

Özge Sıla Söğütlü – Guest Affairs

Age: 19
Who I Am: 
I am a law student who loves laughing and having fun with friends while trying to cope with this hectic life.
Fun Fact:  I can’t walk even a shortest mile without headphones and good music in my ears.
Guilty Pleasure:I listen 90s Turkish Pop Music to boost up my mood when I’m feeling down. I spend much more time than I should on watching stupid YouTube videos.
Interests: Music, Yoga, Photography, Travelling, Harry Potter series and Food
Instagram: ozgessogutlu
Facebook:  Özge Sıla Söğütlü

Betül Kocabaş – International Relations

Age :  23
Who I am : I am a typical November born, scorpio person who has recently become a lawyer and trying to get used to the business life.
Fun Fact : I am one of those people who thinks Friends is better than HIMYM.
Guilty Pleasure : I talk too much, seriously too much.
Interests :Everything related to cats.
Instagram : e.btlkcbs
Facebook : Betül Kocabaş

Rüveyda Buse Küçükkaya – International Relations

Age :
Who I am : I’m living in this world for 20 years and I love this life. Actually I’m a funny person (I’m trying lol). I’m solution-oriented.
Fun Fact: If you want to be my friend you must take a photo better than Mert Alas. (My friends are crying now.)
Guilty Pleasure: Every morning, I say myself “Yes, today is my day. I’m gonna start diet.” And I forget.
Interests: Fashion, Volleyball, Sport, Dance, Law…  Actually everything!
Instagram : busekckkayaa
Facebook : Rüveyda Buse Küçükkaya

Ayşenur Tosun – International Relations

Age: 19
Who I am : I am the stunt actor of Missandei.
Fun Fact: I put on make-up a lot more than I should.
Guilty Pleasure: I am proud of being a Leo woman.
Interest: Trying new cuisines and watching documentaries that improve my social and academic skills.
Instagram : aysenur0.0
Facebook : Aysenur Tosun

Ece Eda Çeliker – International Relations

Age : 19
Who I am : I am studying law in Marmara University. I love travelling. I want to make memories all over the world.
Fun Fact:
I can’t wake up early on Wednesdays. I try it every Wednesday.
Guilty Pleasure: There is nothing in this world that can stop me eating spaghetti!!!
Interests: Theatre, swimming, tennis, literature, poetry
Instagram : eceller
Facebook : Ece Eda Çeliker

Büşra Genç – Sponsorships

Age :
Who I am :  I have been studying at Law School of Marmara University for 3 years.
Fun Fact : I can squint my left eye wherver I want.
Guilty Pleasure : I was watching autopsy videos in my High School years.
Interests :  Movies, series, music, vintage stuff and everything about cafes.
Instagram : missgenc
Facebook : Büşra Genç


Enes Hotalak – Sponsorships

Age : 21
Who I am :  Last year in YIP’18’ I was one of the hosts. This year I needed to be in the team. Also I really love to make new friends.
Fun Fact : I’ve been wearing glasses since 2nd grade.
Guilty Pleasure : I like to smell bad scents. They make me feel like I’m using my nose in real.
Interest : Music (Especially rock ‘n’ roll), Movies, TV series, Slavic Lifestyle and Drinks.
Instagram : hotalaaak
Facebook : Enes Hotalak

Ahmet Haykır – Sponsorships

Age :
Who I am :
A person who wants to meet new people and get to know different cultures.
Fun Fact : I can do all kind of sports and do falk dances especially from Tokat.
Guilty Pleasure :
I can watch a football match every day.
Interests :
Sports, Politics and Travel.
Instagram : ahmethaykirr
Facebook : Ahmet Haykır

Nihan Erdem – Social Events

Age :  22
Who I am :  I am the person who loves to dance the most and act like Pollyanna. Also a taurus girl who loves to meet people crazily.
Fun Fact : I can dance everywhere and I like to guess people’s signs.
Guilty Pleasure : Bothering friends while they are studying.
Interests :  Photo shooting, painting, and reading. Especially psychologic books.
Instagram : nihaanerdeeem
Facebook : Sena Nihan Erdem

Alara Şengül – Social Events

Age :
Who I am : 
I’m from izmir. I study law at Marmara University. I was a barmaid before I became a team member of YIP’18. My zodiac sign is marmaid.
Fun Fact : I invented a word “lolişko” and lolişko has a lot of meanings. like fancy, attractive, sassy, flirty and also childish at the same time. So everybody calls me lolişko for everything I do.
Guilty Pleasure : Turkish rap
Interests : dancing traveling cooking
Instagram : alaraseng
Facebook : Alara Şengül

Emre Yılmaz – Social Events

Age : 20
Who I am :
A guy from Antalya, but lives in İstanbul even though wants to live in somewhere quiet in the nature. Also a student at Marmara University and got one sibling.
Fun Fact : I am not afraid of cats and dogs, but their fluff makes me feel weird.
Guilty Pleasure :
I love eating deserts.
Interests :
American Rap, Electronic Music and DJing.
Instagram : emrem.yilmaz
Facebook : Emre Yılmaz

İrem Yaren Yıldır – Social Events

Age : 20
Who I am : 
I’m a student at Marmara University in Faculty of Law. I’m in second year in Faculty of Law, but my first year in the project.
Fun fact : When I can’t find a place in the theater in front of the stage, I sit in the place of other people.
Guilty Pleasure : I like to eat everywhere, every time.
Interests : Theater, Movies, Netflix, World cuisine .
Instagram : iremyarenyldr
Facebook : Irem Yaren Yıldır

Merve Toy – Host Committee

Age :  21
Who I am : I am a 3rd grade law student and I live in Istanbul.
Fun Fact : I am afraid of cockroaches and I cry when I see one of them.
Guilty Pleasure : I follow yellow press every day.
Interests : Literature and Fashion.
Instagram : mervetoyyyy
Facebook : Merve Toy

Sude Şaka – Host Committee

Age :
Who I am : I am from Kayseri but I live in İstanbul. I am a member of host committee. My star zodiac sign is gemini.
Fun Fact : I think I’m Hercules because I can carry my own suitcase. And I love Arabic bellydance music.
Guilty Pleasure : I love Duygu Özaslan yes I confess.
Interests : Astrology, Kardashian family, magazin, fashion, music, boys
Instagram : sudesaka
Facebook : Sude Şaka

Nida Öz – Host Committee

Age : 21
Who I am :
A little sweet, a little sour. Close but not too far. I am the friend you need.
Fun Fact : I am afraid of butterflies.
Guilty Pleasure : When I am depressed I listen Serdar Ortaç, Karabiberim and watch Esra Erol. Please keep this secret between us.
Interests : Fashion, Gym, Travel, Trying new flavors like a gourmet.
Instagram : nida.oz
Facebook : Nida Öz

Begüm Çağlayankaya – Casework Committee

Age : 21 
Who I am : I was born in Ankara with bird sounds, spring smells. I was first child until when I was 4 years old,my brother was born.Now I’m a student of law in Marmara University.And I’ve got faith to change world better .
Fun Fact : I’m a clumsy person.You can see me drop something,food stains on my clothes,slip on the floor
Guilty Pleasure : I can stay at home and watch “Friends”24 hours
Interests: Philosophy,traveling,art,gastronomy,scuba diving
Instagram : begumcaglayankaya
Facebook : Begüm Çağlayankaya

Ayşe Tuzsuzoğlu – Casework Committee

Age : 20
Who I am : I am a student at Marmara University in Faculty of Law. It is my second year in faculty, but first year in the project.
Fun Fact : While I was smoking in the balcony; I burned my friend’s shoes.
Guilty Pleasure :  I like shopping.
Interests: Movies, Yoga, Books.
Instagram : atuzsuz2

Beyzanur Bilkay – Casework Committee

Age : 23
Who I am : This is my first year and I am so excited to be part of this project.
Fun Fact :
Guilty Pleasure : Techno Music.
Interests : Human rights, Law, International Relations, Lecture, Movies, Events
Instagram : beyzanurbilkay