Best Of YIP 2018&2019 – Memories

This is how we spent a lovely week last two years!

1. Starter packs, welcoming cards and good-humoured team members. Just for picking up our lovely guests from Istanbul Airport.










2. Meeting event at Haydarpaşa Campus’ gorgeous, historical atmosphere to get to know each other before the week actually start. 














3. Coffee or beer, choose your side and join Kadıköy’s night!4. Gathering at “Barış Manço Cultural Center” where the presentations will be held during the week.
5. Opening speeches of the Commenders in Chief, meet them! Miss President & Mr. Vice President!6. We would like to thank our guest lecturers for being here and expanding our horizons. ELİG Gürkaynak Attorneys at Law, Miss Hatice Kör on behalf of Rokschild Law Services from Belgium, Şenel Law Firm and Mr. Mark Skilling were with us during the YIP 2018. Also we would like to thank WWF for hosting us in their lovely office.
7. Asia or Europe? All you need is taking a Bosphorus tour to choose which one is your fave!


8. Thanks to “Türkiye İş Bankası Museum” for giving us an excellent tour, we have learned a lot about Turkish banking history!

9. Is somebody calling bathroom? Hold your breath.. Traditional Turkish bath is waiting for you, we call it “HAMAM”!

10. The teams are working on their caseworks to create a new currency on earth or another world. It’s up to them, just make sure that they have enough time to work instead of exploring the city.

11. Kebap, baklava, rakı… If we had more time to try Turkish tastes guests would need extra baggage allowance at departure.


12. Setting the tables at “IDEA”. You can not think of an international project without a food fair!


13. Yalçın & Toygar Law Office’s presentation with a bosphorus viewed terrace.

14. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque or Topkapı Palace… We bet, the best guide for historical peninsula is ours with countless experiences and a dedicated soul from past to present.

15. Walk baby walk, minimum 15000 steps per day.

16. Guys please hurry up! Always needed to run to the schedule. (Summary of the week)

17. At the end of an exhausting day.. Chilling, singing and dancing on the grass. Now you are the real colleagues in Moda.

18. Closing ceremony of the academic part of YIP’18 with well earned certificates!

19. The team, the guests and the hosts.. Now we are a family at hearts.

20. At the beginning, we couldn’t even imagine how it would be such a wonderful week.. But in the end, we all know that our times together in project week will never be forgotten.


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